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  1. Do you offer any discounts or specials for Tucson residents?

We offer very special summer rates which, while they are available to everyone, are very competitive with the locals’ rates offered by some properties. Additionally, we have an excellent Loyalty Dining Program specifically for our neighbors.

  1. What sets this Ritz-Carlton location apart from others?

The sense of place of The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain truly sets the resort apart. The desert materials, design and environmental mindfulness which were all used in the design of the resort give the property a high Sonoran Desert authenticity which people say is unforgettable. The hotel is visually stunning, very luxurious, and yet truly a product of its striking environment.

Photo by Ritz-Carlton

  1. Do you use any local products in your restaurants? Or spa?

Our restaurants work with a great many local farmers, ranchers and other regional purveyors who bring a wonderful local flavor to our cuisine. There is also a 42-tree citrus orchard on the property, and guests may harvest their own fruit to build mimosas and other libations (in season). Our chefs are frequent visitors to the farmers’ markets in the area, and our Sunday Market Brunch, which resumes in September from summer break, showcases a great many local ingredients. The Ritz-Carlton Spa also uses local ingredients in body scrubs and body treatments, and these locally-derived experiences are best-sellers among our spa guests.

  1. What is a fun or interesting fact about the hotel that people may not know?

The entire main building was relocated by two feet from the original architectural plan, in order to protect a saguaro cactus.

  1. Although The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain is unique to Tucson, what are a few signature Ritz-Carlton elements a guest should expect?

Warm, very caring Ritz-Carlton service is what stands out, and we are proud to focus on this as a priority. The training which our staff members receive is intense and frequent, and we strive to provide guest amenities and experiences which match the specific preferences of each guest. People are also delighted by the relaxed, very friendly atmosphere of the hotel, by the facility/ treatment standards and utter beauty of The Ritz-Carlton Spa, and a wedding/meetings offering which makes for a truly seamless experience for event planners, brides and grooms.

Photo by Ritz-Carlton

  1. If you could describe The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in three words, what would they be?

Authentic, stunning, relaxed

  1. What are some activities that guests can experience while staying here?

It’s a very long list, but with three swimming pools, a 235-foot water slide, dive-in movies, Cosmic Slide parties, daily guided hikes, mountain biking, stargazing, geo-caching and a very comprehensive Dove Mountain Rangers program for younger guests, there is lots to do, both indoors and out.

  1. What can parents expect for their children while staying here? Are there certain clubs, activities, etc designed specifically for children?

The Dove Mountain Rangers program is extremely popular.

  1. Why did you choose the Dove Mountain/Marana area to open up a Ritz-Carlton in Tucson?

The astonishingly beautiful setting and accessibility to both Tucson and Phoenix were irresistible.

Photo by Ritz-Carlton

  1. There are some who still think of Tucson as a small, behind the times, ultra casual kind of city, and that’s certainly not the Ritz’s image. How do the Ritz and Tucson complement one another?

A Ritz-Carlton resort tends to be a warmly relaxed, not-at-all formal experience, and that invitingly casual feel certainly pervades at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain. Many of our employees grew up in Tucson, and they are rightfully proud of the local community and delighted to share information about it with our guests. We are thrilled and honored to be based in Marana, in the greater Tucson area.